Hot! World’s Largest Human Body Parts







World’s Longest Tongue – Stephen Taylor
World's Longest Tongue - Stephen Taylor

World’s Largest Mouth – Francisco Domingo Joaquim
World's Largest Mouth - Francisco Domingo Joaquim

World’s Longest Nose – Mehmet Ozyurek
World's Longest Nose - Mehmet Ozyurek

World’s Biggest Eyes – Kim Goodman

World’s Longest Ears

World’s Longest Eyebrow – Leonard Traenkenschuh

World’s Longest Moustache – Badamsinh Juwansinh Gurjar
World's Longest Moustache - Badamsinh Juwansinh Gurjar

World’s Longest Beard – Sarwan Singh
World's Longest Beard - Sarwan Singh

World’s Longest Ear Hair – Radhakant Bajpai

World’s Longest Hair – Chenq Shiquin

World’s Biggest Head – Andre The Giant
World's Biggest Head - Andre The Giant

World’s Longest Neck – Padaung Women
World's Longest Neck - Padaung Women

World’s Biggest Biceps – Greg Valentino

World’s Biggest Hand Palms – Leonid Ivanovych Stadnyk

World’s Longest Fingernails – Lee Redmond
World's Longest Fingernails - Lee Redmond

World’s Biggest Breasts – Sheyla Hershey
World's Biggest Breasts - Sheyla Hershey

World’s Longest Penis – Jonah Falcon

World’s Longest Legs – Svetlana Pankratova



I do the walk.

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  1. Would not like to meet Kim(with the huge eye bawls) @ night.


    send me a, at present world biggest body builder to my mail ( (

  3. woww….
    i read about biggest penis 1st tym…!!!
    does his tool got a match???
    if find any 1 plz upld her size also…!!

  4. WOW!
    Have my country[Thailand]. That long neck.

  5. Omg huge cock me likey ;)

  6. I don think you would like it when you do it… auch!!

  7. It was crazy. Did cu c those killer blobs some ducking bob eye LOL the person who posted this videomust have mental problems


  8. Amanciamendonca


  9. biggest biceps shouldn’t count if you used roids! they aren’t real they fake! like that girls boobs

  10. itsinurasshole()o()

    take them boobs add the size of em to the balls of the guy with the biggest penis then take the guy with biggest bicep and add that to the thickness of the guys dick turn it green you got the pocket hulk lmfao

  11. wakao!! realy funny: Man!!!!!!!!

  12. The biggest eyeballs lady is popping her eyes out of the socket–I’ve seen her do it. Otherwise, they are just normal looking.

  13. The biggest eye…she has Grave’s disease.

  14. May be other ladies have bigger boobs than that.

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