Hot! Video An amazing banjo musician, financially underprivileged, but only that [VIDEO] #Chennai #Bessie #Beach

This incredible Banjo artist, Antony, was performing on the streets of Besant Nagar, near the Edward Elliot’s Beach on the 24th of March 2013.

Antony is financially underprivileged, but only that. He’s a talented and strong hearted musician, he lives in the slums of Chintadripet (near the station).

Musician, Vedanth Bharadwaj ( ) tries to help Antony with whatever possible. The amp you see in this video was gifted to Antony by Vedanth, and this was the first time Antony had used one(during this street performance)


Please do share this video, any money made through the monetization of this video will be forwarded directly to Antony or Mr. Vedanth. And if you want him to perform at any small event etc, please email us at , we’ll give you his contact details.



I do the walk.

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